Monday, December 30, 2013

What will 2014 bring?

So I mentioned news for 2014.

January will start out with a bang..

1. I have CHA January 10-14 can I say Crafters Paradise!! So I get to go and see all the fun new product coming out...get my hands on it and play...I will be posting everyday...maybe multiple times a day. Let me know what you wanna see and I will make sure not to skip it.

2. I will get to be part of the Riley Blake quiet book....So on January 30th you will need to go and visit the Riley Blake blog and see the fun pizza page I am in the process on making.

3. I WILL have my studio finished! I have been designing and planning and slowwwwly working on it when I have a brief moment. I have all the furniture, I have the paint, I have the desire all I need time and a little elbow grease...anyone wanna come help!??   

I am already tired just thinking of all the work but extremely excited too. So come join me on my January journey and beyond.

Here is the request of the day. What kinds of sew crafts would you like to see in 2014? themes? types? products you might want to know more about?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

I can't believe we are rounding to an end this year already. I have been enjoying a day of family and food and of course a little gift here are there.
As we are visiting with family I am away from all my usual crafting tools but still managed to make 2 pairs of PJ pants and to finish up a quilt for Singer. So grateful that each family I go to visit has a sewing machine. I am kinda a homebody and love to have all my own tools and machines to use but since I opted out of packing my machine in the car... beggars can't be choosers. :)

I have some fun news for the new year and January feels like it is already over cuz it is so packed full of busy crafty things.

Tune in for all the fun new announcements on the Monday the 30th of December.

As for now all the sweetest wishes of this Holiday Season to you and yours...Hope Santa brought you all the crafty tools you had on your list.

What was on your list this year?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Put a Pin in It

This cover turned out soooo awesome! The color pallet came as special request of Ellen March to suit the cover of Sew It All issue 7. The prints are Acacia by Tula Pink (pretty sure that is one of the coolest names ever). This article has some fun info on what to fill a pin cushion with although if you do a little more digging online you will find some very odd other items that have been used in pin cushions. Go grab your copy of Sew It All on news stands now!!
What color will your pin cushions be?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat

The holidays are quickly approaching and this goose is not gettin' any thinner this year, sigh. But along with all the yummy, rich and highly caloric things that come one of the funnest crafting seasons of the year! Let me just tell you why I love this holiday crafting the best. Being that it is the season of giving I have the perfect rationalization to get new crafting toys and supplies to make these fun and fabulous gifts for others. It's a total win win. You know you were thinking the same thing you just don't want to say it out loud. As a Kick off to the holiday crafts I get to share with you 2 project recently published...

I will do a tutorial with some tips for this holiday stitched card. for full instructions click on over to the Singer website. All Stampin' Up card stocks ... Real Red, Old Olive, Whisper White and Silver and Sizzix Embossing folders. The brad is a retired SU product I had in my stash and a May Arts ruffled ribbon all assembled with a silver Sulky thread.

And coming to a new stand near you December/ January issue of Sew News magazine with my Count Down Calender. This fun project will hang in my home for years and years to come. With fabulous fabrics and trims by Riley Blake this project was so much fun to put together.

 What are you crafting this Christmas Season??
A early Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting to all and to all a goood night.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Leaves Keep on Fallin'

 This is a fun little project I whipped up for Singer.  These fun fall leaves are similar to the ones I created for another Crafts n' things project Falling Leaves Apron although simplified to fall color Kona's. I used the same Accuquilt die to cut the leaves but hand cutting is always an option.

Go and visit this fun project at Crafts n' things or

So once I had the pile of fall leaves sitting on my table I had to find more things to use them for. I love the straight out of the dryer wrinkly and showcasing every layer of the Kona.  I created a paper bag wreath and pinned my beautifully crinkled leaves in place. I just love fall don't you?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Special Announcement!

Try as I might and my friends at Crafts n' things have tried as well....we could not get in touch with the winner of the Riley Blake/ Accuquilt winner from Septembers blog post Pillbox Pincushion. So sad for her but excited for my peeps here on be still my crafting heart. I get to reward one of you with this fabulous prize. So all of you who put the time in on entering the contest in the first place were all back in the running.

As a brief refresher

this is the prize...

this was the project....

AND this my friends is the new winner...if she chooses to respond!!


So I will be awaiting your response Phyllis.

In addition I have the long awaited winner of a pre-cut kit to make your very own pin cushion.

2 winners one blog post crazy I know.

The Kit winner is...

Bizy Stitches*
look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in getting your very own pre-cut kit give me a shout below or shoot me an email, I have so many fabrics to choose from. $8 per kit shipped. Each kit includes all the pre-cut fabric you need to make a pillbox pincushion with pockets (12 tumblers and 2 circles). 
Have a fabulous week!! 

*winners chosen with

Friday, September 13, 2013

great finds friday

I will post an actual picture of the Crafts n' things blog prizes here but for now I am sitting the the jury selection room so I am a little limited. So make your comments for your extra chance to win the fun sewing basket full of clover product!
Good Luck!!

What a week! Trying to play a little catch up now...
Finished jury duty where I think I  got some germ buggy, then on to my battle with chiffon (don't think I need to say more about that I'm putting it behind me although the bride will look fabulous!!) back to work.

Lets get right to the fun stuff... I have a few late additions to the prize package on Craft n' things blog.
Creative Options was sweet enough to send along a few more storage options that can store your small bits an bobbles right inside your tapered tote (at front of picture)!

Double sided micro utility perfect for the tiny bits buttons, beads and the like.
Four stack jar organizer ideal for keeping pins, needles and other notions.

So much fun so I am going to up your chances one last time since we are down to the final hours....
Share the link...get more people to come and enter...1 extra entry for a tweet, 1 extra entry for a facebook post...then come on back and let me know how many entries I owe you. 

Cut and paste this link with your comment on your social media page for your extra entries...

Get it all entries in by midnight PDT tonight.

May the odds be ever in your favor!! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Crafts n' things Blog coming out party

I feel as if I have arrived...but where exactly I am I can not say. I am super busy and get to do awesomely fun things like create friendships with Editors and design fun projects to share. Although my projects have been published many a time in several different forums there is something about captivating the online realm through a blog post that is exciting. I know I don't have a huge following that isn't really what it is about for me, I am about the projects and the love of crafting sewing and all things creative.

Since I do hopefully have new visitors today coming from Crafts n' things I want to say WELCOME! So glad you took the moment to click on over, if you are only here to get an extra entry I totally hear that, I LOVE getting fabulous product for free! Take a minute and cruise on through and let me know what you think about the projects I have posted and what you would like to see.

Come on back next week as I will have an exclusive giveaway to go along with my Crafts n' things blog post "Great Finds Friday: National Sewing Month Edition" next week.  Plus I should be announcing the winner of today's fabulous prize on that post as well. And there should be another fab giveaway you won't want to miss.

Dare I add one more giveaway for the day? I think I shall...comment on this post by Friday Sept 13th midnight PST and enter for a chance to win a precut kit for this fabulous pillbox pincushion! Like me on Facebook for an extra chance to win!!! I soo love giveaways!

thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cover Story: Hexie Handbag

Updated info @ bottom of post for those having issues understanding the printable pattern on Sew News...

This has been my busiest summer on record...Girls camp, family camp, working, trips and kids. I think back to school will be a rest...well except all the forcing kids out of bed, getting dressed and off to school then home, force them to do your homework, do thier chores and get to bed on time...but that time in between I might actually be able to catch up. Back in the saddle...back to the gym...back to me.  But before my last summer trip to Tahoe I received a package...a box from Sew News a returned project and the issue it would be in...and what a fun surprise...

I might have been as giddy as a little girl when I got my August/September issue of Sew News Magazine.  I squealed with delight when I saw my project donning the cover. My husband thought it was one of the kids...and I am okay with that. I am so thrilled to share this project and honored that it was cover worthy.

Sew News is also featuring the project online so click it..make it and share it!
Make a Hexie Handbag and let me know how it turned me a link, send my a pic... I will share your version.... I would love to see your take on this tote.
Have fun and make it you!

I received an email with questions on the making of this tote...first THANK YOU! glad you like the tote enough to want to make it! From what I understand the pattern can be a little challenging to piece to help simplify the situation here are the piece measurements...

Cut each of suiting, lining and craft weight interfacing:
Front and Back: 2 – 14 inches x 12.5 inches
Side panel: 2 – 14 inches x 6 inches
Bottom: 1 – 12.5 inches x 6 inches
Side Pocket: 2 – 7 inches x 6 inches
Front pockets: 2 – 10.5 inches x 12.5 inches (point at center and drop to 7 inches at sides)
Handles: 2 – 24 inches x 4 inches
Cut each of velvet and light weight interfacing:
Hexagon: 8 – 2.5 inches tall

Let me know who it turns out!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leaves are a Fallin'

This apron was a project in the planning...picking the right dies and dyes makes all the difference. I can't emphasize enough how having the right tools and supplies makes all the difference in your finished project.

For full instructions and supply lists pick up a copy of Crafts n' things Fall 2013 issue.
This is what you are looking for...

 Let me just say Accuquilt knows what they are talking about when it comes to cutting fabric. These leaves with their intricate detail where crisply cut with no lingering string. What a delightful way to cut 100's of muslin leaves.
Once cut, dyeing was made simple with  Tulip One Step Dye the brush blending ombre technique gives you all the control and makes you look like a crafting hero. You will want to try this!

Special thanks to Annie for asking me to design and create this apron for Crafts n' things, I love a challenge. Pattiewack from for her support and amazing Tulip One Step Dyes. And to Lynn @ accuquilt for having the perfect die for the job. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

forever corsage: a peek behind the process

Go visit Craft n' things for a full tutorial.

If you have ever wondered, and maybe you don't even care, what these ideas start out as...
Well if you do care to find out you will continue on if you don't you will just follow the link above to make your own. Each projects starts as a sketch...inspirations for a project can come from anywhere...this one was inspired by this cotton lace I found in the clearance bin at Hancock. So before I even had a project in mind I had to have every bit of it, this might be why I have such a large stash of potential (fabrics, ribbons, lace...,man I should clear out so I have more room to craft and space for new acquisitions). Once inspirations strikes I flesh out my ideas on paper with a pencil, I played with the lace to find out what it wanted to be. I try to make notes of supplies, steps and techniques I want to use so when it comes time to start a project I compile everything I need and don't have to stop in the middle to run to the store.

In the creative process with the original lace.

Here is the original sketch (don't judge, I'm not an artist) with the finished project...did it end up as it should have? Personally I think it turned out better then the sketch but that is my 2 cents.

I would love to see what your working on...your version of the forever flower...share!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Challenge...Accepted

This year I had the opportunity to sew dresses for a friends girls...the cutest dang things you have ever seen...the girls..not the dresses although the dresser are adorable.

The challenge was issued in the form of a photo. Could you make these...

Pinned Image

Challenge Accepted!

We made a couple of tweeks to the design...bring the bow scale down and give a little more coverage on the sleeve.

I also opted to fully line the dress but that was a personal choice.
Here are my results...

I told you they were cute right!

I might to a couple things different if I were to do them again..but the inspiration dress (which I can no longer find the link to other then on a pintrist board, or I would add it to the pic (Um found it! and if this pattern had been available when I began the process of this dress I might have used it...but I always like to make things harder on myself)) The bow was soo big it looked like a big lump in front....although I could probably make the bows a scosh bigger without drowning the girls.

Thanks Kara for the challenge and Miranda of one little minute for the inspiration.

Happy Easter.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hard Core Dyeing!

I love to test the limits or far can I stretch it? What other mediums can I use. This one is double duty...Hubby wanted to change the color of his RC car hubs and I wanted to play with some dye.

So of course no basic out of the bottle color would work for hubby. We started with Tulip Liquid Dye, a dingy old pot (I ruined years ago with dye), water, stove and white hub blanks.
Hubby blended the colors till be achieved his desired shade...only using a little...aprox 1/3 bottle yellow, 1/6 bottle brown...a dash of red. Filled the pot with water enough to cover hubs mixed in dye and heated with hubs in water for 1 - 2 hours until desired saturation achieved.
From glaring white to Rusty Orange. 

Then of course I needed to do a little something for me... I had seen these clothespins on pintrest and loved them but seriously 6 clothes pins for 7.50 is ridiculous! I pulled out Tulip ® One-Step Fashion Dye ™  and a bag of small clothes pins I purchased at Walmart (in the office section), disposable bowls, skewer. Mix dye as directed on packaging, fill bowl to height that will cover clothes pins. Submurge clothes pins let soak. You could brush it on but I wanted deep and full covering...dropped the whole dang clothes pin in the dye metal included...have you ever tried to rewire a clothes pin when both wood sides fall out? Not fun! 
Once I had achieved desired color I pulled them out (with rubber gloves on) and clothes pinned them to skews put them in an empty let dry. (clothes pins are at the top of the skewer while empty end is in the jar. :) ) 
Spray with a seal if desired.
I use these cutties to at the top of a gift bag to hold a card cute and festive. 
You can buy a huge bag or full size clothes pins at the dollar store or an itsy bitsy size at Micheal's for under 3 bucks.
What are you going to do with your clothes pins? 

I will send a bottle of dye to most creative response!  So comment below...what will you do with yours & what color! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Up-cycle Dad's Shirt

You know those shirts that hang in the closet that may be a little warn in the cuffs and elbows but you just don't have the heart to get rid of? This is the perfect project to utilize the shirt and make a little space in the closet. Go grab your copy of Crafts n' things or subscribe online to go get the directions.
I tied my napkin in a knot and tucked the tail under the collar. Unless you have a closet full of identical shirts every place mat will be different and you can raid your cotton stash for coordinating napkin tie colors.
Enjoy a close up look and a cover view of the Spring issue of Crafts n' things.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

cookin' party

My youngest turned 9...she is kinda particular when it comes to....most things. She requested a "cooking party". So she invited her favorite chef (her dad just happens to be one) to help out.

We started off the event with introductions and crafting girls. Each girl customized there chef hat or toque, as the they are more formally known, using buttons and punched circles.

 Then off to the races...Chef Relay Race...
Each girl in turn had to don a chef jacket, clogs and chef hat. run to the prep table. put on rubber gloves. measure out 1 cup of each ingredient. stir the contents of the bowl and taste there work before running back and handing off the chef gear to the next girl.

 The little lady Chefs each made their own pizza and scarfed them down.


Then came cupcake Class. There was practice time with piping bags and a laminated practice sheets... Have you ever seen a 9 year old with a piping bag? So cute lots of giggles and quite a mess. Once practice was over they graduated to cupcakes and colored frosting.

And finally photo booth! A few kitchen items and cute frames and girls will giggle and pose for another 45 minutes or so. Each party goer got an apron (created from a dish towel  and ribbon tutorial to come), hat, a clean practice sheet and a plate of decorated cupcakes. This was a HUGE success say the nine 9 year olds that attended.

Friday, February 22, 2013

my job

My job rocks! BUT there are some challenges. The biggest issue is when working with publication we are working sometimes up to a year out. I have a project I am doing for Sew News that is we are in February. I walked into a quilt shop and asked for Christmas fabric...I got laughed at!
I know so sad... you all feel so sorry for me in my tough job.
I do love a long as I give myself enough time to complete the job.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dainty Details

Despite all my plans for posting all my CHA info and updates I have failed! Well for now...with my family as my first priority I have been 100% focused on ALL 3 of my sick children, stupid cold...once better I was excited as I finally sent them off to school...NOW back to my board full of projects and CHA updates right? No such luck...I hate being sick this cold is kickin' my toosh!

So in the mean time here is the latest on newsstands now...

apronology vol 5 p 40-42

I  join many other fabulous designers in this issue including fellow iLoveToCreate designers Pattie Wilkinson & Allee Marderosian p 62-64. Go pick up your copy today!

and stay tuned for delayed CHA info...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Table trimmings

On news stands now! Sew News February/March 2013 issue page 36. If you are looking at the cover you have a lovely circle on the cover that calls out where to find it if you happen to be lost.
This project might have been as much fun to shop for as well as to make!Originally I sketched this design with a winter holiday theme but when the design got called up for use it had been moved to a springy-er place! So out with the winter and in with the cheer. Pick up your copy to get the know how on this trimtastic table runner.

Below you will find close ups of the great fabrics and trim placements. I've showed you you show me yours!

Friday, January 11, 2013

CHA: Booth Building

I got a sneak peek of the trade show floor today...there are soooo many amazing booths. But I am going to show you my current Fave....I had the chance to chat with the Facilities Manager of Sizzix as he was building the booth. Ladies this guy needs to have his own DIY blog he is a genius! This is what I am talking about...

AMAZING chandler umbrella. I always love shutters on the wall as a display.

Luggage as shelves.  He even told me how he did it! Wanna know how? comment!

Globe hanging lamps & ladder shelf...holy genius people!

So the items I am showing aren't even the Sizzix product line but it only shows the brilliance of the Sizzix team and what they are capable of. This friends is a team I would love to be a part of. I will show you details on a table he did as welll...but it is late so you will have to wait.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"craft love"

A sweet crafty friend of mine tells me she makes gifts to give to those she meets at a little craft love to those who inspire and make her smile. Given my short timeline I scrambled to find a couple little "craft love" gifts. Here is what I came up with...all supplies I had on hand!

read <3 book mark

Jute webbing (thank you for the best price around)
Scribbles Fabric Stamp Pads (red and black)...can you tell someone borrowed my red pad?
Scribbles Fabric Stamps
random heart stamp...and since I couldn't find the clear block in the bag I improvised with a clear ruler!
scissors (I love my Razor-edge Shears these puppies will cut through almost anything)

Cut 12" strip, stamp and done!

So here I sit in my hotel room finishing up craft love gifts for Friday at CHA...who will inspire me today?
More crafting tomorrow night!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CHA here I come

When I embark upon a trip like this I tend to plan ahead...make sure I have all of my ducks in a row so to speak. For some reason inside of a week these ducks ALL came running at me!! It might have looked more like the movie Birds!
Until I got the email on Monday that I was officially a registered attendee I didn't even know for sure I could go. Following that came the rush...signing up for classes, then somehow (unintentionally) becoming a guest blogger for SewNews covering the show, and having people want to set up to meet with me! What? How did that happen? How did I go from momma crafter to behind the scenes designer to people with business referring to REAL designers.
So now, as of 30 minutes ago, I finally have my hotel reservations in place, I know my head will be resting in a LaQuinta Inn 12 minutes walk from the big show tomorrow night (thanks to my friend Mark and the LaQuinta manager Bonnie!).
I will be in my own utopia....Crafting/ Sewing world on one side of the street Disneyland on the other! I would stay forever if I didn't have a cute family at home that loves me plus they will pack up the show next week...

So stay tuned for the latest and greatest in the Craft and Hobby world...see what will be coming to the world of crafting that you will want to put your pennies in a jar for and projects that make you swoon. Lets be inspired together!

Please comment if you are hoping to see from any particular companies...The trade show is HUGE and will take alot to cover I would hate to miss what you are looking for!