Thursday, August 23, 2012

On News Stands NOW...Sew News

It always seems like forever ago since publications plan so far ahead once the project is in the magazine I am so over the project! Well not completely but I usually have had several brain storms on what I would do different if I did it again. This project I love love the design...the way I figured to make it with standard fabric store notions clever and light weight.
I will have to do this again with different fabrics and hang them in my yard for a fun party.

check it out online at Sew News!

You can go out and buy a copy to see this "lovely" picture of me! I will even sign it for you if you want! hahahahaha...not that you need me defacing your great magazine....there are lots of great projects inside.

Stay tuned for my next Sew News Appearance in February 2013 with a fabulous project that is ALL me...and my first solo editorial! woot go me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School: Fabulous Dividers

Back to school doesn't have to be drab. I got the kids back to school supply list and to my dismay dividers are stupid expensive for flimsy plastic with tabs, besides the fact that they are sooooo drab and boring. OUT with the drab and in with the FAB!!! So if you want to save a little money and add personality and utility to your binder it will only take a few moments and a few items.

This is what you need....

3 hole punch
Paper Trimmer
Corner Rounder
Your favorite strong paper adhesive
File Folders

bone folder

1. Hole punch folded side of all folders.
2. Cut 1/2 - inch off of top edge of file folder.
3. Use the corner rounder to soften the edges of the folders...makes it look "normal" again.
4. With folder open fold top left corner in at a 45 degree angle and crease (this is where the pencil and bone folder can come into play, bone folder can help give a super crisp edge...and you can use the first folder as a template for the remaining folders by tracing the angle onto the others...this will also act as scoring tool. :) win win win!) Affix the fold in place by adding adhesive. Apply a line of adhesive along the bottom front edge of folder and close folder pressing to seal bottom of folder.

Tah dah... You are all ready to get organized in style! I made a set for each kid...they were a little jealous when I pulled out these cute bright and bold folders though...ooooops. :) Enjoy your pocket dividers!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ruffle Bottom Girl

I was excited to get a baby shower seems most of my girlfriends are out of the having kids stage so I haven't had an excuse to play in baby town for quite some time. One of my favorite girly baby items are ruffle bums so I couldn't resist!

To create this Ruffle Bottom Girl love note you will need...

Heavy weight cotton fabric
  • 1/8" wide for bow
Fabric marking pen
Sewing machine
Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Fabric Adhesive Pen & Peel and Stick Tape™

Stamp Sets
      Strength and Hope (123660)
      Short and Sweet
Card Stock
      Lucky Limeade  - 6" x 3"
      Mellon Mambo - 2 1/4" square
      Whisper White
Decorative Label Punch (120907)
Silver Mini Brads (122941)
      Lucky Limeade (126984)
      Melon Mambo (126948)
Aleene's® Paper Glaze
Aleene's® Tacky Dot Runner™


1. Cut fabric using pattern (I found this one and scaled it to a smaller size). Using ruler and fabric marking pen draw guides to sew you ruffle bottom. I spaced mine .625" apart.
2. Baste edge of ribbon and lace, pull thread to gather. Line top edge of ruffled trim with bottom line and sew in place, repeat working from bottom ruffle up.
3. Using Aleene's Fabric Fusion Tape close diaper front.
4. Tie a bow with Lucky Limeade ribbon and adhere to diaper front with Aleene's Fabric Fusion I like the small pin point of the glue pen for putting these small items in place. Add button to center of bow with glue pen. Set aside to let dry.

1. Stamp whisper white card stock  with flourish from Strength and Hope stamp set using Melon Mambo ink turn stamp upside down and repeat leaving space in between for sentiment. Stamp sentiment in center of flourish with lucky limeaide ink.
2. Center stamped image into decorative label punch, punch. Using silver stamp pad add a silver rim around your label by pushing the label into the pad.
3. Add dimension to flourish by tracing image with Aleene's paper glaze. Let Dry.
4. Wrap ribbon around melon mambo card stock and tie into bow. Add mini brads to center sides of label. Assemble card with Tacky Dot Runner.

I used a large needle and threaded it with the ribbon to add the tie.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Craftin' at the Amador County Fair

The Amador County Fair has to be hands down my favorite Fair ever!! Family friendly and hands on. We came across this lovely crafting area with native american crafts. Staves, rock painting and corn husk dolls. My baby girl jumped right in to make a corn husk doll and to our delight we found they had one of our favorite adhesives. Step by step these lovely ladies taught us the how to's of making this lovely girl.

Corn Husks
Bowl of  Water
Fabric scraps
Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue

I would go into perfect detail on how to make these adorable dolls but is seems there are some spectacular directions already online check it out here with full illustrations.

We added our yarn hair with Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue. We created a long braid and added that over the base of yarn hair.

Amador County Fair in now on my official have to do Summer List...

Crafty Camping

We camp in epic proportions. Go BIG or go home! Our trip this year was no exception. With 67 people in our group we have to do a little planing.  Most days we on the lake playing in the water and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. But Sunday being a day of rest we stay in camp...keeping 43 kids busy on Sunday can be a task... So in walks some of my favorite Scribbles and Tulip products...
Setting kids loose with a clean white T and a massive arsenal of amazing products can turn the creative on in all the those involved. Creativity has no age limits.

T-shirt (prewashed, using no fabric softener)
Wax paper
Clothes pins
Tulip Disappearing Ink Pen
Tulip Fabric Markers
Scribbles Fabric Paint Stencils
Scribbles Fabric Stamps
Scribbles Fabric Stamp Pads

For the crafter on the go you have to be a little innovative. Our car was already overloaded by food and camping gear that there was not room for enough T-shirt boards for everyone. So to avoid bleed through we brought a roll of wax paper and clothes pins. Rip a piece wax paper slide it inside the shirt and hold it in place by clipping at the shoulders with clothes pins.
For those crafters a little intimidated by their empty white t-shirt I brought along Tulip Disappearing Ink Pen...Drawing with this pen allowed our crafty ones the confidence to create. Once the design was drawn with the disappearing ink pen it was used as a guide for the colors desired. Any slightly out from the design phase disappear when washed. :) win win win!

Clair and Allyson work with Tulip Fabric Markers and Scribbles Fabric Paint Stencils.

Elise rocks her t-shirt with Scribbles Fabric Stamps and Scribbles Fabric Stamp Pads.