Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Challenge...Accepted

This year I had the opportunity to sew dresses for a friends girls...the cutest dang things you have ever seen...the girls..not the dresses although the dresser are adorable.

The challenge was issued in the form of a photo. Could you make these...

Pinned Image

Challenge Accepted!

We made a couple of tweeks to the design...bring the bow scale down and give a little more coverage on the sleeve.

I also opted to fully line the dress but that was a personal choice.
Here are my results...

I told you they were cute right!

I might to a couple things different if I were to do them again..but the inspiration dress (which I can no longer find the link to other then on a pintrist board, or I would add it to the pic (Um found it! and if this pattern had been available when I began the process of this dress I might have used it...but I always like to make things harder on myself)) The bow was soo big it looked like a big lump in front....although I could probably make the bows a scosh bigger without drowning the girls.

Thanks Kara for the challenge and Miranda of one little minute for the inspiration.

Happy Easter.

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