Friday, September 13, 2013

great finds friday

I will post an actual picture of the Crafts n' things blog prizes here but for now I am sitting the the jury selection room so I am a little limited. So make your comments for your extra chance to win the fun sewing basket full of clover product!
Good Luck!!

What a week! Trying to play a little catch up now...
Finished jury duty where I think I  got some germ buggy, then on to my battle with chiffon (don't think I need to say more about that I'm putting it behind me although the bride will look fabulous!!) back to work.

Lets get right to the fun stuff... I have a few late additions to the prize package on Craft n' things blog.
Creative Options was sweet enough to send along a few more storage options that can store your small bits an bobbles right inside your tapered tote (at front of picture)!

Double sided micro utility perfect for the tiny bits buttons, beads and the like.
Four stack jar organizer ideal for keeping pins, needles and other notions.

So much fun so I am going to up your chances one last time since we are down to the final hours....
Share the link...get more people to come and enter...1 extra entry for a tweet, 1 extra entry for a facebook post...then come on back and let me know how many entries I owe you. 

Cut and paste this link with your comment on your social media page for your extra entries...

Get it all entries in by midnight PDT tonight.

May the odds be ever in your favor!! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Crafts n' things Blog coming out party

I feel as if I have arrived...but where exactly I am I can not say. I am super busy and get to do awesomely fun things like create friendships with Editors and design fun projects to share. Although my projects have been published many a time in several different forums there is something about captivating the online realm through a blog post that is exciting. I know I don't have a huge following that isn't really what it is about for me, I am about the projects and the love of crafting sewing and all things creative.

Since I do hopefully have new visitors today coming from Crafts n' things I want to say WELCOME! So glad you took the moment to click on over, if you are only here to get an extra entry I totally hear that, I LOVE getting fabulous product for free! Take a minute and cruise on through and let me know what you think about the projects I have posted and what you would like to see.

Come on back next week as I will have an exclusive giveaway to go along with my Crafts n' things blog post "Great Finds Friday: National Sewing Month Edition" next week.  Plus I should be announcing the winner of today's fabulous prize on that post as well. And there should be another fab giveaway you won't want to miss.

Dare I add one more giveaway for the day? I think I shall...comment on this post by Friday Sept 13th midnight PST and enter for a chance to win a precut kit for this fabulous pillbox pincushion! Like me on Facebook for an extra chance to win!!! I soo love giveaways!

thanks for stopping by!