Friday, March 29, 2013

Hard Core Dyeing!

I love to test the limits or far can I stretch it? What other mediums can I use. This one is double duty...Hubby wanted to change the color of his RC car hubs and I wanted to play with some dye.

So of course no basic out of the bottle color would work for hubby. We started with Tulip Liquid Dye, a dingy old pot (I ruined years ago with dye), water, stove and white hub blanks.
Hubby blended the colors till be achieved his desired shade...only using a little...aprox 1/3 bottle yellow, 1/6 bottle brown...a dash of red. Filled the pot with water enough to cover hubs mixed in dye and heated with hubs in water for 1 - 2 hours until desired saturation achieved.
From glaring white to Rusty Orange. 

Then of course I needed to do a little something for me... I had seen these clothespins on pintrest and loved them but seriously 6 clothes pins for 7.50 is ridiculous! I pulled out Tulip ® One-Step Fashion Dye ™  and a bag of small clothes pins I purchased at Walmart (in the office section), disposable bowls, skewer. Mix dye as directed on packaging, fill bowl to height that will cover clothes pins. Submurge clothes pins let soak. You could brush it on but I wanted deep and full covering...dropped the whole dang clothes pin in the dye metal included...have you ever tried to rewire a clothes pin when both wood sides fall out? Not fun! 
Once I had achieved desired color I pulled them out (with rubber gloves on) and clothes pinned them to skews put them in an empty let dry. (clothes pins are at the top of the skewer while empty end is in the jar. :) ) 
Spray with a seal if desired.
I use these cutties to at the top of a gift bag to hold a card cute and festive. 
You can buy a huge bag or full size clothes pins at the dollar store or an itsy bitsy size at Micheal's for under 3 bucks.
What are you going to do with your clothes pins? 

I will send a bottle of dye to most creative response!  So comment below...what will you do with yours & what color! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Up-cycle Dad's Shirt

You know those shirts that hang in the closet that may be a little warn in the cuffs and elbows but you just don't have the heart to get rid of? This is the perfect project to utilize the shirt and make a little space in the closet. Go grab your copy of Crafts n' things or subscribe online to go get the directions.
I tied my napkin in a knot and tucked the tail under the collar. Unless you have a closet full of identical shirts every place mat will be different and you can raid your cotton stash for coordinating napkin tie colors.
Enjoy a close up look and a cover view of the Spring issue of Crafts n' things.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

cookin' party

My youngest turned 9...she is kinda particular when it comes to....most things. She requested a "cooking party". So she invited her favorite chef (her dad just happens to be one) to help out.

We started off the event with introductions and crafting girls. Each girl customized there chef hat or toque, as the they are more formally known, using buttons and punched circles.

 Then off to the races...Chef Relay Race...
Each girl in turn had to don a chef jacket, clogs and chef hat. run to the prep table. put on rubber gloves. measure out 1 cup of each ingredient. stir the contents of the bowl and taste there work before running back and handing off the chef gear to the next girl.

 The little lady Chefs each made their own pizza and scarfed them down.


Then came cupcake Class. There was practice time with piping bags and a laminated practice sheets... Have you ever seen a 9 year old with a piping bag? So cute lots of giggles and quite a mess. Once practice was over they graduated to cupcakes and colored frosting.

And finally photo booth! A few kitchen items and cute frames and girls will giggle and pose for another 45 minutes or so. Each party goer got an apron (created from a dish towel  and ribbon tutorial to come), hat, a clean practice sheet and a plate of decorated cupcakes. This was a HUGE success say the nine 9 year olds that attended.