Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm Hooked!

Every project starts with a story...a goal in mind... well I had the grand plan of putting a hooks up on a wall in my home near the entrance so I could hang my purse and keys on the way in...I am forever misplacing my keys. very sad I know but I think I might be loosing my mind and being in my 30's that is very sad prospect!
So out shopping I went. Did you know that hooks don't come cheap especially the cute ones.
So I had all but given up when I came across these hooks in a Michael's clearance bin, my favorite place to shop. Cute hooks first thought was I can take the hooks off and hang them on my wall...then came the genius idea..hook make over. Although these hooks with the letter blocks where very cute they didn't match my decor. So enters a little creativity and a few products from my ilovetocreate stash.

  1. Get great deal on great hooks. (if you aren't impatient like my you might want to add a quick layer of paint to cover old design). Cut Burlap piece a little larger then base.
  2. Apply Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue evenly to surface.
  3. Press piece of burlap into Tacky glue. Let Dry. Trim most of excess burlap and then pull a string or two to have the fun fray of burlap on your edges.
  4. Cut Tulip Mufti-Serface Stencils to separate numbers. I peel out the black numbers and center them up where I like the placement then add the stencil around it and smooth flat. Remove the black # from center.
  5. Using foam brush lightly add paint to desired coverage is reached. I kinda like the lighter distressed look but you can go till you have solid thick black coverage.
  6. Peal away stencil and let dry.
Now I have had my husband mark my wall but have yet to run to the hardware store to get the proper hardware to put them on the wall bu I am super excited to see them up and in use!