Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Falling Snow

I always have the desire to make an amazing holiday card and this year I had an excuse! I joined a swap group...sometimes having that deadline forces me to be creative. Love the excuse!
I varied a few of the items in the process of designing this card as is my usual ADD crafting process...so you will notice not all my snowflakes are the Serene Snowflakes stamp set. The Designer Series Paper I used is actually the last couple sheets of a retired pack, use any set that is has the coordinating Riding Hood Red paper, Stampin' Up makes this soo easy to coordinate the papers and card stocks.

Happy Crafting!

As for the supplies:
     Four the Holidays 116921
     Serene Snowflakes 115438
     Riding Hood Red 111836
     Versa Mark 102283
Card Stock
     Crumb Cake 120953 (previously Kraft)
     Riding Hood Red 111348 (the texture CS would look amazing too!)
     Baja Breeze 111352
     Naturals Ivory 101849
     Mini Jingle Bells 124116
     3/8" Velvet Stitched Ribbon 125637
     Crochet Trim "Victoria" 5/8" 118481
     Linen Thread 104199
     Basic Rhinestones 119246
Punches/Die Cuts
     Jewelry Tag 117190
     Northern Frost (Sizzlit Strip) 120901

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winning Halloween

When the request was made that I make the prizes for the big Halloween Party I knew I had to make it fun. This was a blast! These fun 1st place ribbons were fast and easy after making 8 I figured had the process down! This treat bag is so simple with a little pop of pompom at the top. I've shown you mine now show me yours! link your version in a comment!

1st Place Ribbon
2" strip of fabric for ruffle
1/8 yard netting
1/8 yard fabric for center
1/8 yard black canvas for back
1/8 yard fusible fleece
scrap of fleece or felt for #
3 - ribbons 17" long
Aleene's Fabric Fusion
Iron fusible fleece to wrong side of  "center" fabric. Cut center and back fabric with Sizzix Circles, Scallop #2. Cut circle out of 2 layers of netting 1/2" wider then scallop circle. Pin netting to back of front center scallop, hand pleat and pin ruffle around outer edge (imperfect pleats give more personality! just go with it). Fold ribbons in half and pin behind ruffled edge (space ribbons to show each layer of ribbon). Sew a around edge of scallop to secure ruffles and ribbon to center front. Adhere back scallop to ribbon with Aleene's Fabric Fusion, let dry. You may choose to add a pin back so the ribbon can be worn.

Treat Bags
2 - 9"x22" cotton fabric(1 outer, 1 lining)
3/4 yard pom pom trim 
ribbon ties
Fold fabric in half long wise and sew both sides, leave a 2 1/2" open on one side of lining. Sew pom pom trim to top edge of outer fabric with pom pom points towards bottom of sack. Turn sack outside right side out and pull lining over and pin at seams to line up. Sew along edge sewing lining to outer fabric (I followed the trim seam so I didn't loose any of my little pom pom puffs). Turn bag right side out through the opening in lining. Sew lining closed and add a seam around bag opening edge 1" from top of bag. Fill with treats and tie with a ribbon.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Power to the Petal!

This flower makes me giggle and when I giggle over a project I know it's a winner and I want to share it with all who care to see it...maybe even those that don't! This flower finished is about 24" wide! I plan on trying it on a smaller scale as well and with a double sided paper so I can flip the corners and show off the under side of the pedals as well. To make this flower you will need....
Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Floral Stem Wire
10 sheets of 12x12 printed paper
After you have the assembled all of your petals and let them dry stack the petals in a pile outside petals in the back and center petals on top. Twist wires together to connect petals. Spread pedals apart and manipulate them until you have your desired flower. Since you have already weathered you paper it will be easier to manipulate the paper and the wire will help the petals keep the shape you desire.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Napkin Ring Bonaza

This is part of table decor for the Miramonte Elementary School table at the 50th Anniversary of CUSD. These little guts are actually a fast project with a hot glue gun, 1/4" sisal and a piece of 1 1/2" plumbing...(not sure what the part is really for but it was the right size and there was a little chip in it so the gal at Lowe's gave it to me for 1/2 !).
More table decor to come this is just a tasty little appetizer...the center piece is soo cool.

Friday, April 1, 2011

the workings of a clever brain

Do you ever have one of those days when you are so excited about sharing a "how to" on a project...you have everyone eager and ready to learn...you give the instructions...tell them it's easy and let them go...only to find out your brilliant brain didn't think up and trouble shoot all the possible issues. Because if there are ways to have troubles or for the project to be more complicated or difficult it is always the one person you reassured "You don't have to be a crafty person to do this, this will be fun, fast and easy." that will find them all! Sigh.
So after a fun night of Mod Podge , composition books and a room full of Young W0men we found ALL of the issues with covering a composition book with fabric! All the girls who choose to cover their books with paper had no problem...I have done that a million time, I had no worries there...taught that class many times, but we were trying to push the project to the next level without properly testing it.
So today in my lazy morning of avoiding the things I know that I should do I had a brain *pop* a BRILLIANT idea! Hooray for the brain! when it is working!
So in my excitement I set out to cover this composition book in my new brilliant method...Perfect it worked! I was so excited I plunged head long into adding my favorite elastic band so the book will close up nice and tight...perfect...flipped the book over and find that the elastic on the front has a cut in it! sigh
Despite my neglect to look before I leap...I am going to show you "as is" my brilliantly adorable fuzzy purple journal, that my daughter will sequel about and beg for.

As for upcoming projects I am working on a prom dress redo that should be ready to post next week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Flower

Flowers flowers everywhere and now I have one to call my own. Seems everyone is making amazing flowers from paper, ribbon, fabric and various other materials. I set out on a quest to make a flower for the mom's in my life for Mother's Day. Yes it was a miracle that I planned ahead and actually completed the design before the last hour.
As for this flower I made it out of a lace fabric (a drapery lace to be precise)a brad (Stampin' Up! -Antique Brads, 117273 $5.95) for the center and cream canvas fabric for the leaves painted them with fabric paint (
Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint). I found the paint allowed me to shape the fabric as it dried and made it a little stiffer. win win!
This particular flower I have put a pin back on so the mom's can wear them but you could put it on anything.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Ruffly Wreath

I saw a wreath like this on my friend Brittany's Blog so I had to find out how cuz how cute it that! So in my search I found the tutorial on how to make "kristen’s ruffly felt wreath"
In my quest for information I has a chat with Brittany about her experience making this wreath and the only draw back I saw was cutting out 100+ 3" circles out of felt! That is alot of circles to cut. Not only would my hands be sore the circles would inevitably not be perfectly round. Another friend mentioned that I could cut felt on my Cricut Machine...well it didn't work out so well for me, not sure what the trick it but it made for more stress then it was worth. SO when Stampin' Up's Occasions Mini came out and they had a 3- inch circle Sizzix die I knew I had to have it! With the die cut in hand I was able to cut 3 circles at a time and I cut all my circles in about a half hour! That might be the best $18 dollars I ever spent!
With all the circles cut I was on my way...folding and pining on the felt. Super Bowl on the the background I was in the zone. And then it happened...I ran out of felt! Dang it...I was 3/4 the way around the wreath and I was out of the awesome pink felt. But in the end even though there was a delay in finishing it I really enjoyed this project and it gives me ideas for even more projects I can create.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dude! Sweet Valentine

We are knee deep in Valentine season and I have so many projects to work on. First up is valentines for my little dude! Okay so he is 10 but I just couldn't see sending him to school with pink and red hearts. So I came up with a neutral valentine. I stamped on these little brown bags that I had in my stash...pretty sure I got them on a spectacular sale knowing that one day I would have THE PERFECT use for them...well her it is! No lovey dovey sentiment no ruffles no frills but the little bag is just the right size for a heart lollipop! hehe it is still for Valentines you know.
I simply stamped these bags with craft ink and a silver ink no big tricks...I had 36 to do so no frills is the name of the game!
Stay tuned for the valentines the girls and I are making and a Valentine Wreath that is in the works.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tote-ally Inspired

This darling scripture tote is for my daughter. It has been a long time in coming poor girl! but I think now that it is all finished she will be thrilled. I love using interior design fabrics for these projects the plaid fabric has a great texture to it and the lining is soft and silky to cradle the precious books inside. The flap closes over a small bias cut front pocket with an invisable magnetic snap. What a great simple gift!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

in the bag

This little gem is a custom job for my favorite cousin. The request was a "Sunday bag" and matching scripture cover (coming later) in a classy black and white print. It has a simple draw string closer with a coordinating pocket on on the inside black lining. This fabric is great it is a printed canvas. A great durable fabric with style.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Card Incounters of the Home Made Kind

For years I have been trying to find the perfect container for my cards...I have purchased recipe boxes, poster board and countless other containers to house my cards. For some reason I always had in my head that I had to do it with paper! I was going to recover the recipe box...took it apart...it's still in pieces! I had planned to do a box from scratch with the poster board. I think I will relieve myself of that project all together. My prodigal project has returned to me in a more perfect form!
I am so excited to make a batch of cards and a coordinating holder for the next person on my gifting list!
I am so in love with these bright vibrant colors and a project with such simplicity that I don't have to doll it up to make it look amazing. With cards on one side and envelopes on the other I have everything I need in one adorable place.