Friday, February 22, 2013

my job

My job rocks! BUT there are some challenges. The biggest issue is when working with publication we are working sometimes up to a year out. I have a project I am doing for Sew News that is we are in February. I walked into a quilt shop and asked for Christmas fabric...I got laughed at!
I know so sad... you all feel so sorry for me in my tough job.
I do love a long as I give myself enough time to complete the job.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dainty Details

Despite all my plans for posting all my CHA info and updates I have failed! Well for now...with my family as my first priority I have been 100% focused on ALL 3 of my sick children, stupid cold...once better I was excited as I finally sent them off to school...NOW back to my board full of projects and CHA updates right? No such luck...I hate being sick this cold is kickin' my toosh!

So in the mean time here is the latest on newsstands now...

apronology vol 5 p 40-42

I  join many other fabulous designers in this issue including fellow iLoveToCreate designers Pattie Wilkinson & Allee Marderosian p 62-64. Go pick up your copy today!

and stay tuned for delayed CHA info...