Tuesday, June 4, 2013

forever corsage: a peek behind the process

Go visit Craft n' things for a full tutorial.

If you have ever wondered, and maybe you don't even care, what these ideas start out as...
Well if you do care to find out you will continue on if you don't you will just follow the link above to make your own. Each projects starts as a sketch...inspirations for a project can come from anywhere...this one was inspired by this cotton lace I found in the clearance bin at Hancock. So before I even had a project in mind I had to have every bit of it, this might be why I have such a large stash of potential (fabrics, ribbons, lace...,man I should clear out so I have more room to craft and space for new acquisitions). Once inspirations strikes I flesh out my ideas on paper with a pencil, I played with the lace to find out what it wanted to be. I try to make notes of supplies, steps and techniques I want to use so when it comes time to start a project I compile everything I need and don't have to stop in the middle to run to the store.

In the creative process with the original lace.

Here is the original sketch (don't judge, I'm not an artist) with the finished project...did it end up as it should have? Personally I think it turned out better then the sketch but that is my 2 cents.

I would love to see what your working on...your version of the forever flower...share!!


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