Sunday, December 7, 2014

yardstick mini stars

What is more fun then cruising Pinterest for ideas and inspiration when you have a party to plan? My husband and I are in charge of planning a party for 250 people! So off we went on our Pinterest scavenger hunt. We found ideas for our menu, decor, photo spot props and how to stay calm in the chaos. I love to take an idea and make it fit my needs in this case I brought it down to a fifth the size.

Since hubby is a chef I advised on the menu but that and the kitchen prep is his domain. Mine is .... well everything else. I settled in on rustic chic for the decor because first it can be done on a dime and second it can be done with elegance and a little whimsy.

I love this yardstick star that Laura, from Finding Home made for last year. 

Beautiful right!

So how do you make this big beautiful star fit on a center piece? It goes a little something like this....

This is what you need to make 4:

5 yard sticks (about $1 a piece @ the hardware store)
Aluminum Pop Rivets 1/8" diameter with a 1/2" grip (unless you use thicker yard stick)
Popriveter (the thing which fastens the Rivets)
Drill with 1/8-inch drill bit
Saw (a handsaw with a miter box will work just fine but a compound miter saw is SO fast!)

1. Cut yard sticks into 8" segments and drill a hole at each end, centered and 1/2" from end.

2. Align the points and place rivet stick the ball end of the rivet through the holes with the stick end on the "right side" of your yard stick.

3. Place riveter on the on long end of rivet. Now simply squeeze the handles together till you hear a pop. The end of the stick should break free leaving you with a rounded head.

this is what the back side will look like.

So now all I have to do is decide on embellishments...ribbon? twine? twigs? we will see. But they will be going with the fabulously easy epson salt jars. I will get final pics and post next week after I recover from all the party prep and clean up.

You may have noticed that Laura used a screw and a nut to attach her star points which I highly recommend for the large star (much easier to store if you can disassemble it).  I chose to use rivets on the smaller ones so there were no sharpish scratchy edges just in case little hands wanted to grab at these stars.

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