Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Uniquely Wrapped

I am sure you have had an amazing  journey through uniquely wrapped gifts if you followed the hop to get here…if you just showed up to see what I was up to you will want to join the journey just follow the links below. So many fabulous ideas so little time!
Before we get into the nuts and bolts of my little wrap don’t forget you have the option of winning free ribbon! So, head over to the May Arts Blog to comment for your chance to win (when you are done here of course).

Uniquely wrapped gifts show how we love to gift OR that we have far too much time on our hands! I prefer the former. This was a fun assignment…. I once was a professional wrapper, it is far more fun to tell people that I was one then it is to write it, quick say it out loud…I am a professional wrapper, see know I sound really cool.  My kids tell people I was a professional wrapper and they get a great reaction from their peers and mom is a total hero…until the reality is explained.   I love to wrap gifts, I have some amazing wrapping skills and some amazing tricks up my sleeve for an almost seamless package (we will save that tutorial for later!). But todays wrapping we step outside of traditional wrapping.

Red Tulle 3-inch, 471-3-14
Red Grosgrain 1.5-inch, QH-5-14
Kraft paper {I used a making paper you can find at the hardware store light weight and easy to tear into when it is time}

Cut 2 pieces of kraft paper to desired size. Place grosgrain ribbon across the top piece crossing in the center. Stitch together along 3 sides about ½ -inch from the edge.
Slide gift inside the pouch pushing to the far side and sew the final side together.

Create pom pom with  3-inch tulle and glue clip in place. Adding a pom that can be used as a hair clip or a pin is a great way to make you “bow” reusable. Pin to center of crossed ribbon and fluff pom.

And there it is.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your days crafting journey.




  1. How wonderful a gift would be to get one wrapped like that! Cute tulle pom and the sewing it closed is a great idea!

  2. Oh my, how creative. Love how you attached the tulle bow so it can be reused. Very clever. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful wrapping--I like the reusable bow.

  4. I don't think to get out the sewing machine, but that is a neat idea. Happy holidays to you.

  5. Super fun idea, especially the big pouf on a clip so it's re-usable. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kraft + red ribbon + machine stitching + a pom pom hair clip = SERIOUSLY AWESOME
    LOVE your UNIQUE & FABULOUS gift wrapping Jennifer, especially with the shimmering tulle pom pom hair clip, I LOVE when a gift keeps on giving, it is also FUN to tear gifts open too!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing :)

  7. Great, love the Kraft paper, red ribbon, the machine stitching, the shimmering tulle pom pom hair clip. TFS.