Monday, August 6, 2012

Crafty Camping

We camp in epic proportions. Go BIG or go home! Our trip this year was no exception. With 67 people in our group we have to do a little planing.  Most days we on the lake playing in the water and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. But Sunday being a day of rest we stay in camp...keeping 43 kids busy on Sunday can be a task... So in walks some of my favorite Scribbles and Tulip products...
Setting kids loose with a clean white T and a massive arsenal of amazing products can turn the creative on in all the those involved. Creativity has no age limits.

T-shirt (prewashed, using no fabric softener)
Wax paper
Clothes pins
Tulip Disappearing Ink Pen
Tulip Fabric Markers
Scribbles Fabric Paint Stencils
Scribbles Fabric Stamps
Scribbles Fabric Stamp Pads

For the crafter on the go you have to be a little innovative. Our car was already overloaded by food and camping gear that there was not room for enough T-shirt boards for everyone. So to avoid bleed through we brought a roll of wax paper and clothes pins. Rip a piece wax paper slide it inside the shirt and hold it in place by clipping at the shoulders with clothes pins.
For those crafters a little intimidated by their empty white t-shirt I brought along Tulip Disappearing Ink Pen...Drawing with this pen allowed our crafty ones the confidence to create. Once the design was drawn with the disappearing ink pen it was used as a guide for the colors desired. Any slightly out from the design phase disappear when washed. :) win win win!

Clair and Allyson work with Tulip Fabric Markers and Scribbles Fabric Paint Stencils.

Elise rocks her t-shirt with Scribbles Fabric Stamps and Scribbles Fabric Stamp Pads.


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