Thursday, June 2, 2016

Upcycle: Getting ready for Summer!

As the temperatures skyrocket even my most pant wearing girl desires a cute pair of short. After spying a cute pair of lacey bottom cut off that were too short to consider more then a dishrag let alone a pair of shorts that would cover my sweet daughters derriere. So we quickly decided we could make a pair ourselves. Same evening I found a pair of jeans I had purchased a yard sale awhile back, perfect fit for the win. We found a lace in my stash and in about 5 minutes we had a new pair of short! Just a disclamer it did take longer to pick the right lace then it did to do the sewing...if you have a tween I suspect this will be the same for you...then she will want them done yesterday.

Here is a pair of similar to the dishrags we saw...cute idea not enough coverage. These run anyware from15-30 bucks from what I have seen.

DD wanted the shorts a little shorter then I did according to the marked line on the pant leg. I adjusted the length plan and cut.

Pin the lace under the frayed edge and pinned it in place overlapping the end about an inch.

I put a denim double needle in my machine and sewed around  the pant leg. Using the double needle allowed me to secure the lace at two points so it will lay nice and flat on the inside and not catch a toe or rip off for any reason.

Tadah 5 minutes to fabulous! For a pair of yard sale jeans and a dollars worth of lace from one on my new favorite local fabric stores it is a total win at a fraction of the cost.

She is all set for dress rehearsal for the school Talent Show.

Happy Stitching!

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