Friday, December 4, 2015

MayArts Holiday Hop - ornament

Another week of fabulous projects and inspirations for your Christmas crafting season, can you handle it? Enter to win 2 - 5 yard xmas ribbons over at Ribbon Resource.  So here is my ornament... can you handle the cute?

This week’s theme may have been an excuse to play with my new favorite Christmas character. I may just have become slightly obsessed with the adorable creatures called Swedish Christmas gnomes. Here is a fun little history of the these fun little creatures:
“A nisse (usually Norwegian) and a tomte (usually Swedish) are similar characters. They are both solitary, mischievous domestic sprites responsible for the protection and welfare of the farmstead and its buildings. Tomte literally means “homestead man” and is derived from the word tomt which means homestead or building lot. Nisse is derived from the name Nils which is the Scandinavian form of Nicholas.”
So so cute, check back in for more gnomes this season! So onto the fun...

You will need…

Red velveteen
Wooden egg
Long fur fabric or wool roving
Cream fabric swatch 1” square
Stuffing (a piece of cotton ball would work just fine)
Hot glue gun
Sewing machine

Here’s what you do…

1. Cut hat. Sew hat together. Fold bottom edge of hat under ¼ inch.  Add pom to top of hat.
2. Cut oval from cream colored fabric. Hand baste around edge pull tight and stuff with a little fluff. Secure thread with a knot.
3. Glue fur to wooden egg. Add hat. Slide fur to the side a little and glue nose in place up against hat.
4. Tie end of beard with bakers twine.
5. Sew loop on back of hat to hang on tree.


P.S.  My chalky painted mason jars have fun ribbons on them…I change the ribbons out based on the season. December jars have these ribbons tied on: 1.25 inch Taupe Silk Ribbon, 1.5″ Natural Ribbon With Velvet Polka Dots, 1/8 inch Red Burlap Cord, 5/8 Inch Crochet Ribbon.

Happy crafting!

Enjoy the rest of your journey.
§  Jennifer Davey

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