Sunday, February 8, 2015

Etched Banner

A little glass etched banner swag trimming the top of a jar will be the perfect gift when filled with ooodles of heart shaped jellybeans.  I abandoned all my die cuts, punches and electric cutters for a wax pencil and an hobby knife! I know I know with such amazing tools at hand why on earth abandon them! But sometimes you just have to flex those crafting muscles and show the other tools that you got this you don't have to rely on them for every job, yes you still love them, but you got this! They will understand I'm sure.

This is what you need:

wax pencil
Glass container
about 20 minutes!

1. (this is not the normal start but works great when contouring to the shape of a roundish or odd shaped item) Adhere etchmask to cleaned glass container, draw design on mask with wax pencil. 
2. Cut design along drawn lines with wax pencil, a sharpie could work too but I liked the flexibility of the wax pencil that I could rub off and fix my design as I desired, remove areas of mask to be etched using etchall Detail Pick Tool. Smooth to make sure all edges of mask are tight to the glass.
3. Spread Etchall cream over design area liberally with etchall squeegee. Follow directions on the bottle to complete etched design. 

Don't forget to save the creme you can scrap off your project before you rinse...put it right back in the bottle!! You can use it again and again! Etchall is kinda a magic potion that turns your design to realitity...realistically it's science making art but I like the reveal...feels more like magic to me. ;)

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