Friday, November 7, 2014

thankful for table trims

If you made it here you have probably had the opportunity to see the AMAZING skills of the Ribbbonistas. What an fun group we had fun coming up with this group post and I am pleased you took the time to come and take a peek at the details of my simple little project.

This table runner is Super simple but the impact is fabulous, it could be the perfect accent to a rustic wedding or an everyday decor. Step into my office and I will give you a couple simple trick on preparing burlap.

tip 1. find the grain. I know the grain is pretty obvious right!? but it doesn't ever seem to be cut perfectly on the grain when you get it home , does it? so if you pull a strand and remove it you will see the perfect line to cute along the grain. Cut along this path you created when you re removed said strand , repeat this on all 4 sides of your project at desired size...then I removed 2 rows of woven jute to give the frayed look.
tip 2. now that you have the desired gray and frayed edge we don't want it to fray any further. Sew with a zig zag stitch around all four sides.

now that you burlap is in hand onto the ribbons. Using crocheted ribbon with the space to thread ribbon is a beautiful thing it allows you to choose your own adventure I chose a wide but supple ribbon that threads easily. Use a bodkin! it will make treading the ribbon through so much faster.
Once ribbon is threaded fold raw edge under and pin in place on burlap. Stitch along edge making sure silk ribbon is out of the way as you stitch. once each side is secured you are free to tie the perfect bow.

This project could go no sew with the right adhesive but I am a stitch it up kinda gal so even if you are a novice this would be a great 1st time sewing project.

Don't forget ... prizes abound on the MayArts blog so don't forget to take the time to go back and comment for your chance at free ribbon!!!

Thanks for stopping by!