Wednesday, May 14, 2014

selfish sewing

l may have shocked the employees of my local Hancock fabric this weekend, maybe even rocked thier core beliefs... As usual the question came "What are you sewing this time?" my reply almost came as a shock  to me ... "this is just for me, well me and daughter". I usually have some fun answer about  the destination of the materials I am purchasing ... a wedding , tradeshow or even the pages of a magazine  the mondain only for me  answer got a bigger reaction. l May have to reevaluate my sewing priorities!
l realize that l am a weekish late for "Selfish Sewing Week '' but I had so much fun taking the time to find cool features on my new Elna I had to share.
My sweet 11 year old daughter, who today I wanted to sell to whomever woUld make me an offer (would have thrown in the other 2 free of charge ! ) , is finishing her Elementary school career in a couple of weeks. the "other girls" are asking if she has a dress for  "graduation" yet ... I kinda have been itching to sew her something so l suggested a few things. And to my delight she chose a fun 2 piece outfit, Not too mature but not little girl.

 So cute yet sophisticated and sassy. Thanks Simplicity and Leanne Marshall! So this afternoon I cut the top out and by dinner it was done. there may have been Some school pickups, drop offs, homework, Costco run and eye appointment in there too but it's done!

My favorite new feature on my new Elna might be the automatic backstitch at the start of the seam . Then a tap of reverse at the end and your lockstitch finishes the seam, brilliant! Part 1 of "graduation" outfit is finished. Now for my daughters final desission on skirt color ... red or pink ?
What color would you choose?

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