Friday, December 31, 2010

All Snuggied Up!

This may be a huge giant infringement to say these next few words but....this is a Build-A-Bear Snuggie! I have no affiliation nor do I have the rights to Build-A-Bear or Snuggie...but I call it like I see it! Each one of my kiddo's got one of these for Christmas in their favorite colors. I love using remnants of fleece for projects like this, seriously a remnant big enough to make one of these cost under a dollar most days. As I designed the little pattern I only had the "Snuggie" in mind but after it was all done I thought hmm I wonder and is also a fleece coat! One moment the sweet bear is just a couch potato and in no time she can be hitting the town.
I based this pattern off of McCall's 6174...the "dog blanket"...I totally re-drew the pattern and made it fit my needs for my kids favorite bears.
Being that this is my inaugural post on 1/1/11 the first comment will get one of these great Snuggies for their favorite bear. :)