Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sundae Candle Pedestal: Etchall

I love making something old new again. I was cleaning out my cupboards of those items that got shoved to the back because they never get used and came across this little sundae dish. I haven't used it in like 5 years so clearly it was a crucial space holder in my kitchen for far too long. So here is what I did to change it up...

Here's what you need:

etchall dip 'n etch liquid
Enamels Gloss Finish Acrylic Paint 4130E Sterling Silver
TintIT, Jade
sundae dish

optional: oven


1. Clean and dry Sundae dish.

2. Pour etchall dip 'n etch liquid into dish. Let set for 15 minutes, poor etchall liquid back into container and wash dish.

Etching the inside of the dish gives the glass tooth to hold the paint in the next step.

3. In a disposable container mix a little water in with your Acrylic paint and pour paint into dish. Roll the dish around to get a nice even coverage.

4. Turn dish right side down and let dry for 1 hour, paint will drip place on a paper bag to catch drips. Place in cool oven for 30 minutes as directed on paint. Carefully pull from oven and let cool.

5. Spray with TintIt for a shear coat of color. Let dry.

Once a you place pillar candle on this sweet dish you will start digging deeper in your cupboards to see what other pieces you can etch and paint to match.

Happy Crafting!

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