Monday, October 14, 2013

Special Announcement!

Try as I might and my friends at Crafts n' things have tried as well....we could not get in touch with the winner of the Riley Blake/ Accuquilt winner from Septembers blog post Pillbox Pincushion. So sad for her but excited for my peeps here on be still my crafting heart. I get to reward one of you with this fabulous prize. So all of you who put the time in on entering the contest in the first place were all back in the running.

As a brief refresher

this is the prize...

this was the project....

AND this my friends is the new winner...if she chooses to respond!!


So I will be awaiting your response Phyllis.

In addition I have the long awaited winner of a pre-cut kit to make your very own pin cushion.

2 winners one blog post crazy I know.

The Kit winner is...

Bizy Stitches*
look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in getting your very own pre-cut kit give me a shout below or shoot me an email, I have so many fabrics to choose from. $8 per kit shipped. Each kit includes all the pre-cut fabric you need to make a pillbox pincushion with pockets (12 tumblers and 2 circles). 
Have a fabulous week!! 

*winners chosen with