Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday in Burlap

I seem to always have time to do the projects for others, work, friends, family...but never for me! So this one is alllll for me. I bought the red burlap over a year ago after I made a similar wreath for work. Last night a switch was flipped inside me...I picked up the fabric (still inside the bag I purchased it in, burlap does tend to like to shed on EVERYTHING) cleared my cutting mat and cut a stack of 6 - inch squares and went to bed. This morning I got the kids off to school and sat down at my table and didn't get up till it was ready to display...I might have been hungry and still in my PJ's but I just didn't want to stop until I was done...lucky for me this is a pretty fast build. Now I feel festive and accomplished. And do you think anyone will say a thing if I leave this lovely wreath up for Valentines day? I think If I take the tree down I can enjoy my new wreath for several more months.
I am in love with the wreath hanging on the dresser. Now what color to paint the dresser! opinions?


I wrapped my wreath in burlap webbing to start so my wreath form is not naked. Create puffs from my 6-inch squares and fill to desired fullness. So simple so beautiful.