Monday, August 3, 2015

gotta Bee etchall

Perfect for a hot summer day. This lidded jar with straw can be filled with treats and gifted or just loaded up with your favorite cool beverage. Following a few simple step you can have a set of fabulous bee jars.

Here is what you need:

etchall Detail Pick Tool
etchall squeegee
digital cutter
tongue depressor (not required but kinda handy.)

Here is what you do:
  1. Cut bee in etchall® etchmask with electronic cutter. This particular bee is a Cricut design.
  2. Remove all excess pieces of etchall® etchmask with etchall Detail Pick Tool to create desired design. 
  3. Apply etchmask™ transfer sheets over slick side of etchall® etchmask. Remove paper backing.
  4. Apply etchall® etchmask sticky side down on jar. Smooth on flat side of jar. I left a tongue depressor on the sticky side of the etchall® etchmask edge to control runoff and for easy peeling when the time comes.
5. Apply etchall® etching crème liberally over design. Let stand as directed on packaging.

6. Scrap off etchall® etching crème and return as much as you can back to the jar. (love that this magic creme is reusable!) Peel mask away and rinse remaining etchall® etching crème from glass.

7. This is the point I always stop and stare. Love the magic of = art (you can choose to skip step 7 and move right on to 8.)

8. Embellish you jar with a lovely piece of ribbon. I used May Arts 1.5 Inch Twill / Chevron Stripes Ribbon in yellow.

happy crafting! <3 Jennifer

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