Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Table trimmings

On news stands now! Sew News February/March 2013 issue page 36. If you are looking at the cover you have a lovely circle on the cover that calls out where to find it if you happen to be lost.
This project might have been as much fun to shop for as well as to make!Originally I sketched this design with a winter holiday theme but when the design got called up for use it had been moved to a springy-er place! So out with the winter and in with the cheer. Pick up your copy to get the know how on this trimtastic table runner.

Below you will find close ups of the great fabrics and trim placements. I've showed you you show me yours!

Friday, January 11, 2013

CHA: Booth Building

I got a sneak peek of the trade show floor today...there are soooo many amazing booths. But I am going to show you my current Fave....I had the chance to chat with the Facilities Manager of Sizzix as he was building the booth. Ladies this guy needs to have his own DIY blog he is a genius! This is what I am talking about...

AMAZING chandler umbrella. I always love shutters on the wall as a display.

Luggage as shelves.  He even told me how he did it! Wanna know how? comment!

Globe hanging lamps & ladder shelf...holy genius people!

So the items I am showing aren't even the Sizzix product line but it only shows the brilliance of the Sizzix team and what they are capable of. This friends is a team I would love to be a part of. I will show you details on a table he did as welll...but it is late so you will have to wait.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"craft love"

A sweet crafty friend of mine tells me she makes gifts to give to those she meets at a little craft love to those who inspire and make her smile. Given my short timeline I scrambled to find a couple little "craft love" gifts. Here is what I came up with...all supplies I had on hand!

read <3 book mark

Jute webbing (thank you for the best price around)
Scribbles Fabric Stamp Pads (red and black)...can you tell someone borrowed my red pad?
Scribbles Fabric Stamps
random heart stamp...and since I couldn't find the clear block in the bag I improvised with a clear ruler!
scissors (I love my Razor-edge Shears these puppies will cut through almost anything)

Cut 12" strip, stamp and done!

So here I sit in my hotel room finishing up craft love gifts for Friday at CHA...who will inspire me today?
More crafting tomorrow night!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CHA here I come

When I embark upon a trip like this I tend to plan ahead...make sure I have all of my ducks in a row so to speak. For some reason inside of a week these ducks ALL came running at me!! It might have looked more like the movie Birds!
Until I got the email on Monday that I was officially a registered attendee I didn't even know for sure I could go. Following that came the rush...signing up for classes, then somehow (unintentionally) becoming a guest blogger for SewNews covering the show, and having people want to set up to meet with me! What? How did that happen? How did I go from momma crafter to behind the scenes designer to people with business referring to REAL designers.
So now, as of 30 minutes ago, I finally have my hotel reservations in place, I know my head will be resting in a LaQuinta Inn 12 minutes walk from the big show tomorrow night (thanks to my friend Mark and the LaQuinta manager Bonnie!).
I will be in my own utopia....Crafting/ Sewing world on one side of the street Disneyland on the other! I would stay forever if I didn't have a cute family at home that loves me plus they will pack up the show next week...

So stay tuned for the latest and greatest in the Craft and Hobby world...see what will be coming to the world of crafting that you will want to put your pennies in a jar for and projects that make you swoon. Lets be inspired together!

Please comment if you are hoping to see from any particular companies...The trade show is HUGE and will take alot to cover I would hate to miss what you are looking for!