Friday, April 1, 2011

the workings of a clever brain

Do you ever have one of those days when you are so excited about sharing a "how to" on a have everyone eager and ready to give the instructions...tell them it's easy and let them go...only to find out your brilliant brain didn't think up and trouble shoot all the possible issues. Because if there are ways to have troubles or for the project to be more complicated or difficult it is always the one person you reassured "You don't have to be a crafty person to do this, this will be fun, fast and easy." that will find them all! Sigh.
So after a fun night of Mod Podge , composition books and a room full of Young W0men we found ALL of the issues with covering a composition book with fabric! All the girls who choose to cover their books with paper had no problem...I have done that a million time, I had no worries there...taught that class many times, but we were trying to push the project to the next level without properly testing it.
So today in my lazy morning of avoiding the things I know that I should do I had a brain *pop* a BRILLIANT idea! Hooray for the brain! when it is working!
So in my excitement I set out to cover this composition book in my new brilliant method...Perfect it worked! I was so excited I plunged head long into adding my favorite elastic band so the book will close up nice and tight...perfect...flipped the book over and find that the elastic on the front has a cut in it! sigh
Despite my neglect to look before I leap...I am going to show you "as is" my brilliantly adorable fuzzy purple journal, that my daughter will sequel about and beg for.

As for upcoming projects I am working on a prom dress redo that should be ready to post next week.