Thursday, April 2, 2015

Autism Awareness: Fidgets

I am honored to participate is such a fabulous post with May Arts. My project is super quick but so useful. The idea behind a fidget is simple...Fidgets are small items that keep restless fingers busy, bodies relaxed, and minds focused. Silent fidgets can be a helpful tool to help at homework time, and while in stressful situations like in a restaurant, on a school bus or in a waiting room. These  little items can be made of scraps of fabrics with unique and interesting textures. My kids have all run off with my fidgets...some have attempted juggling others have used them for target practice...but regardless of what they are used for you should dig through your fabric stash and make a dozen or so.

Here is what you need:

Fabric: a nice soothing texture
Fill: a non toxic fill with weight like rice or Poly Fill Stuffing beads 

Sewing supplies: sewing machine, thread, sewing needles.

1. Cut fabric to size 4-inch x 6 inch. Cut 6 -inch piece of elastic.

2. Fold fabric in half with right sides facing, pin folded elastic ribbon at fold, as shown. Sew around open sides  with 1/4-inch seams leaving an inch or so opening.
3. Turn right side out. Fill and hand sew closed.

That's it! You have and hand full of fidgets in no time.


  1. These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's so awesome that you've made such a functional, useful project! I love it!

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  4. THANK YOU for sharing Jennifer - your fidgets are FABULOUS!!!
    We care for my Mother-In-Law, who suffers from dementia, along with extremely poor eyesight (& hearing) and THIS is a WONDERFUL idea for me to try.
    THANK YOU for being part of this AMAZING EVENT and sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION!!!

  5. What a great idea Jennifer. I'm sure that little ones love these and they needn't have autism to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.