Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ric Rac Wristlet

Some days I just can't help myself! Layers of ric rac ribbon ruffles just make me happy. This project is ALL about the ribbon. Weather you choose to ruffle a rainbow of ribbon or create an ombre by fading light to dark these ruffles will make you smile every time you use your wristlet.

May Arts Supplies
1 yard each - 1.5 Inch Grosgrain Ric Rac Ribbon: ER14 – RED, ER28 – ORANGE, ER27 – YELLOW, ER46 - PARROT GREEN, ER34 - LIGHT BLUE, ER47 – VIOLET
30 –inches - 1.5 InchGROSGRAIN Ribbon, QH14 – RED
4 –inch 5/8 Inch DoubleFaced Faux Suede Ribbon, XV10 – BLACK

Other Supplies
9-inch zipper
Twill Fabric (19-inch x 8-inch)
Sewing Machine (I used Elna 760)
1.       Sew basting stitch 1/2 inch from peaked edge and pull string to gather Ric Rac Ribbon. 
2.       Pin gathered ribbon in line along bottom of twill fabric. Sew in place along basted line. Repeat with other colors layering up from bottom overlapping 1/2-inch. I ruffled in a rainbow but an ombre would be lovely as well.

3.       Pin 1.5 grosgrain along over basting line. Zig zag stitch over bottom edge of ribbon. 
4.      Fold raw edge of fabric under ribbon and press. Sew zipper along edge of ribbon.  
5.       Fold 10-inch piece of ribbon in half and pin match raw edges of top ribbon and strap (loop will lay flat against top ribbon) baste in place. Open zipper and turn bag wrong side out. 
6.       Sew down side and across the bottom of bag to finish. Turn bag right side out. 
7.       Thread suede ribbon threw zipper pull and tie.

What colors will you choose? Happy sewing!


  1. Sorry meant wristlet. Would love to see this in an ombré color too!

  2. What a bright, happy little wristlet! Best of luck!

  3. Excellent sewing. You have a way with ribbons. Love the wristlet.

  4. Very cute idea. Thanks for sharing how you made it with us.