Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leaves are a Fallin'

This apron was a project in the planning...picking the right dies and dyes makes all the difference. I can't emphasize enough how having the right tools and supplies makes all the difference in your finished project.

For full instructions and supply lists pick up a copy of Crafts n' things Fall 2013 issue.
This is what you are looking for...

 Let me just say Accuquilt knows what they are talking about when it comes to cutting fabric. These leaves with their intricate detail where crisply cut with no lingering string. What a delightful way to cut 100's of muslin leaves.
Once cut, dyeing was made simple with  Tulip One Step Dye the brush blending ombre technique gives you all the control and makes you look like a crafting hero. You will want to try this!

Special thanks to Annie for asking me to design and create this apron for Crafts n' things, I love a challenge. Pattiewack from ilovetocreate.com for her support and amazing Tulip One Step Dyes. And to Lynn @ accuquilt for having the perfect die for the job. 

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