Thursday, August 23, 2012

On News Stands NOW...Sew News

It always seems like forever ago since publications plan so far ahead once the project is in the magazine I am so over the project! Well not completely but I usually have had several brain storms on what I would do different if I did it again. This project I love love the design...the way I figured to make it with standard fabric store notions clever and light weight.
I will have to do this again with different fabrics and hang them in my yard for a fun party.

check it out online at Sew News!

You can go out and buy a copy to see this "lovely" picture of me! I will even sign it for you if you want! hahahahaha...not that you need me defacing your great magazine....there are lots of great projects inside.

Stay tuned for my next Sew News Appearance in February 2013 with a fabulous project that is ALL me...and my first solo editorial! woot go me.

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