Monday, February 27, 2012

It's official!

I have been working with i Love to Create for a little over a year now in many different capacities from bringing the vision of another designer to life to designing my own projects to prepping the teams trade show booth with table skirts and make n' take supplies.  This is a great team of people the work environment is amazing and the team support is phenomenal! This was my first solo me design that was published with my name on it!! So much fun to see. This particular project is published online on Crafts N' Things website as an online extra linked here. I have a couple more projects that have been in print and several more to come and even more in the works. Man I have the best job EVER!!! Stay tuned for projects in Sew News, Apronology and Belle Armoire! And as always your can see my work on iLTC website.

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