Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Ruffly Wreath

I saw a wreath like this on my friend Brittany's Blog so I had to find out how cuz how cute it that! So in my search I found the tutorial on how to make "kristen’s ruffly felt wreath"
In my quest for information I has a chat with Brittany about her experience making this wreath and the only draw back I saw was cutting out 100+ 3" circles out of felt! That is alot of circles to cut. Not only would my hands be sore the circles would inevitably not be perfectly round. Another friend mentioned that I could cut felt on my Cricut Machine...well it didn't work out so well for me, not sure what the trick it but it made for more stress then it was worth. SO when Stampin' Up's Occasions Mini came out and they had a 3- inch circle Sizzix die I knew I had to have it! With the die cut in hand I was able to cut 3 circles at a time and I cut all my circles in about a half hour! That might be the best $18 dollars I ever spent!
With all the circles cut I was on my way...folding and pining on the felt. Super Bowl on the the background I was in the zone. And then it happened...I ran out of felt! Dang it...I was 3/4 the way around the wreath and I was out of the awesome pink felt. But in the end even though there was a delay in finishing it I really enjoyed this project and it gives me ideas for even more projects I can create.


  1. Cute! You did a great job!!!

    I made a heart-shaped red felt wreath like that last year. But, this year I took out ALL those straight pins and I'm cutting ALL those circles into spirals and doing a felt rosette wreath instead. Crazy me!

  2. I just did a bunch of those flowers for the YW bulletin board. Have fun!